xbox one, windows 10 and ps4 crossplay!

Rocket league has proved to be very popular and there’s been a lot of talk about playstation 4 being able to play against pc users. Well a post over at Xbox wire  has announced plans to allow cross play on the Xbox one with Rocket League being the first game to enable it.

If you don’t want to play against users on other networks microsoft have said you can choose to only play against users on xbox and of course it won’t be available on all games. It is up to the developers of the game to allow cross play but he invitation is open for all! Whether it be PS4, WII U, PC (not necessarily windows!).

Hopefully we’ll see this feature embraced by all platforms and whilst I’m sure it won’t help any fanboy arguments it at least means you can all slug out out on the virtual battlefields on your own devices.

If we do start seeing games like call of duty enabling cross platform play and you choose to use it be prepared for some very tough battles! There’s been plenty of studies etc that have shown that even an average player with a mouse and keyboard can beat someone much more skilled than them if their opponent is using a joypad. (here is a good read at dailydot. Last year microsoft did talk about mice and keyboard being enabled for gaming so this should even out the playing field a bit more.

Let us know your thoughts. Are you excited for the prospect of one giant global gaming community?

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