Xbox live deals with gold 29th March 2016

Sorry Its late guys! aint had a lot of time these past couple days!

First Sale day of spring is upon us (Which means we also have the Xbox spring sale and I am going to do this for that too but there’s a lot to get through and I don’t want to delay this post any longer than I have to already!)

This week we’re seeing a boat load of lego games. And prices for the 360 are looking tempting! If only I didn’t already own them all already!

As usual at we’ll give you the best regional prices too for those who like to save extra on their xbox one purchases 🙂

Tutorial for how to purchase from foreign market:

First Up Xbox one.

Game Name Original Price % Discount Discounted Price Best Market UK Price
Evolve £34.99 67% £11.55 Canada (inc 13% sales tax) £7.93
Evolve Digital Deluxe £42.99 67% £14.19 Colombia £9.59
Evolve Ultimate Edition £54.99 60% £22.00 Colombia £12.44
Evolve Hunting Season 1 £11.99 60% £4.80 Brazil £2.21
Evolve Hunting Season 2 £19.99 60% £8.00 Brazil £3.73
So Many Me £11.99 33% £8.00 Brazil £3.75
So Many Me Mystery of the Skulls Add On £2.39 33% £1.60 Brazil £0.76
Beatbuddy £7.99 33% £5.35 Russia £2.05
Now That’s What I Call Sing £29.99 25% £22.49 UK (exclusive?) £22.49

And For the 360

The Wuaki Discount is back so I’ve added a “double discount” column onto the xbox 360 table again.
This price would be the effective price if  you took advantage of This offer of £25 credit for £18.99 more details here:

*edit* If you’ve already used up your £25 there is an offer for £50 for £38.99 currently more details here:
For your £18.99 you could get Marvel Super Heroes, The 2 harry potters and lord of the rings and have a cool £1.29 left over.

Game Name Original Price % Discount Discounted Price Double Discount*
Transformers War for Cybertron £19.99 50% £9.99 £7.59
Contrast £11.99 75% £2.99 £2.27
Mars – War Logs £6.75 75% £1.68 £1.28
Realms Of Ancient War £6.75 75% £1.68 £1.28

note: If you wanna share this on other sites/forums and need a quick image of the tables feel free to use but please give credit and a linky here 😉

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3 thoughts on “Xbox live deals with gold 29th March 2016

  1. Thanks again as always. Shame the deals seem a bit flat this week. Nothing here for me. 🙁

    1. Yeah small one this week! Didnt even offer a new killer instinct character for 80p. (although can see why they were doing that now that they’ve released season 3 and a new super premium ultra mega deluxe edition which has it all anyway for a bargain price of £59.99 (or £22.75 in brazil 😉 )

      1. Thanks for the Brazil tip. I’m eying up the combo pack from Russia for £8

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