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I’ve been playing computer games since the mid 80’s where I was first bought my very on Atari 7800 and instantly become hooked. Games like Digdug, centipede and Ms Pacman will never be replaced. Once the 8bit era started to die out I received a shiny new Sega Megadrive II from santa with a copy of Sonic 2 and Jurassic Park! I remember being amazed at the graphics on this thing! I also remember the price of some of the games on that thing too! £60 for Street fighter 2 turbo when it was first released from Toys R Us but boy did I become popular at school when I bought that! The next console I would buy after that was the Sony Playstation where I got Final Fantasy 7 and really fell in love with the story.

Now I’d always been a bit of a hoarder so I never actually threw away or sold and of my old consoles. They all still work and I still have the games (with the exception of my original mega drive games after I lent them to my sister as a child and she lost them ALL!!) It was always fun to bust them out and play on them every now and again but I was missing a fair few consoles and games. My friends had the NES and Master system whilst I had the Atari 7800. When I had the mega drive other would have the SNES and whilst some games were cross platform a lot weren’t. I tried emulating games like Killer Instinct (my fav beat em up of all time!) but it just wasn’t the same. The solution? To buy a SNES and an physical copy of the game! And that was it, the addiction started! It became like a game of pokemon! Gotta catch them all. From then on I made it my mission to get all the games I used to play plus the ones I hadn’t yet played!

My obsession had died down a little bit over the past couple years but since I’ve acquired a new room in my house I’ve now got my very own games room where I can see my not so shiny games and consoles and just go nerd out back to the 80’s and 90’s. My love has been rekindled and thus this site has started. I have big plans for the main site, this isn’t just going to be a blog (infact I wasn’t even going to have a blog on here but this whole gamestop debate has pushed me over the edge! I needed to vent!)

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