Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks

So my good friend known as ‘RetroPunk’ is having some personal issues at the moment and the blogs become a bit stagnant. I’ve been playing a lot of Pokémon Go recently and after a small chat I’ve been asked to do a bit of writing on here about any tips I might have and general updates!

I’ve learned quite a bit in my time on the game which would have been useful to know in the start so here are some handy hints on starting out!

Choosing your starting Pokémon!

So your choices are: Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Pikachu.
Yes that’s right, you can choose Pikachu as a starter! When you start the game if you ignore the 3 starters and walk right past them a few times (don’t worry they keep spawning!) after the 4th time a Pikachu will also be in the mix!

Your starting Pokémon is unlikely to actually get used for anything. It’s too weak and candy’s are too rare to come by to level it up so just pick whichever you think is the best looking! Or if you are wanting to get as many Pokémon on your Pokédex as quick as possible choose the one you think you’d be least likely to find in the wild (you can find Squirtles by water, Charmanders in desert areas, and Bulbasaurs in parks, Pikachu I have only hatched from a 2K egg so far!).

How to find Pokémon

First you must find them. The bottom right white rectangle shows you which Pokémon are near by. Click on it to display up to 9. Each Pokémon will have up to 3 feet under it. The more feet there are the closer it is. Click on the one you’d like to track and the rectangle will show just this one. Now start walking! As you start walking the feet may change. If they become less you’re on the right track. Any more or if they remain at 3 you are going the wrong way (note rustling grass means nothing right now! I’m not sure if it’s meant to but if it is, it’s currently broke!). Once you get to Zero feet stop! The Pokémon will appear in a few seconds.

How to catch Pokémon

Now to catch them Pokémon throw balls at it! If you turn off AR the Pokémon will be forced into the middle of the screen so it is a bit easier than if you are using the AR but it doesn’t look as cool! Grab and drag the balls upwards in order to throw.
Whilst you are holding the Pokéball you will notice a ring appear. The colour (yeah thats right, with a U! I’m English!) represents how difficult the capture will be. Grean being easiest, followed by Yellow, Orange then Red for the hardest. You’ll also notice the ring shrink. Letting go of the pokeball at the smallest circle will aid in capture.
You can also do curve balls to increase the odds. Simply grab the ball. Circle your finger fast in either direction then throw it to the opposite side (the ball will curve back around, it takes some practice but is useful. It also gives a 10xp bonus! (though currently buggy and doesn’t always give it!)

As you level up you will receive items to help such as Razz Berries (at level 8) and Great Balls (at level 12). You can first throw a berry which will increase the odds of the next ball thrown!

How to Level Up Pokémon

Levelling up your Pokémon in this game is very different from what you might be used to. Pokémon Go levels are measured in CP (Command Points). The higher the CP the stronger your Pokémon . The Max CP is determined by your current level. For now just know that the bigger the CP the better the Pokémon.
Levelling up Pokémon takes candies which you earn by catching a Pokémon. Catching a Pidgey will result in 3 ‘Pidgey Candies’, so you will want to catch lots of whichever Pokémon you are trying to level up! You can transfer any spare Pokémon back to Professor Willow who will in turn give you 1 candy. Levelling up also takes Stardust which is earned by holding onto Gyms and catching Pokémon (100 dust per capture). It costs increasingly more Stardust the closer you get to maxing your Pokémon so use it wisely!

Where Can I get more pokeballs, heals etc

All around the world there are Pokéstops in various landmarks (things like parks, statues or anything of a slight interest). You can visit these every 5 minutes and spin them to gain items. If you work within range of one you are golden! You’ll also receive 50 xp for your troubles!

How do I battle Pokémon?

You can only battle in gyms.

Whats the deal with Gyms?

Pick a team when hitting level 5, any will do, there’s no perks to either one  (yet?!) If you have friends playing pick the same as them so you can play together rather than just screw each other over.
You’ll either be able to defend a gym and add your Pokémon to it (max of 4) or attack it! If you attack a gym and win you will reduce the gym’s prestige. You can take 6 Pokémon into battle and even gang up on gyms with friends. If you attack it enough its prestige will drop to zero and the gym will turn white. You can now place your Pokémon in it.
Once a gym is yours (or is already your teams) you can still choose to attack it. Winning a battle will mean you ADD to the gyms prestige. If you raise it enough the gym level will increase and you will be able to add another Pokémon (only 1 per trainer though)

How to attack in Gyms

A quick tap will use your primary attack. A Long press will use your second attack. This must be charged though and can be shown by a blue bar. As you use normal attacks a power bar will fill up. Once full you can use the second attack. If you swipe left or right as your opponent attacks you can dodge their attacks! There is no time based system in this but for now try not to button mash while the servers are overloaded as you may end up with a glitch where the enemy Pokémon HP will freeze at 1!

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