Final Fantasy XV A new Empire Guide – Intro

Hey Guys, Been a while I know but I’m back with a what I think will be a bit of a mini series as the more I am writing the more I think this could be a bit overwhelming! We’ll start off with a bit of an intro!

So recently I downloaded Final Fantasy XV A New Empire (aka FFXVANE) which honestly was pretty confusing at first! The instructions suck, there’s nothing online other than crap “tips” which were clearly written by people who haven’t played the game and needed a quick Guide/review out there so I’ve decided to share some some knowledge I wish I had access to when i first picked it up.

Firstly this is very much a pay to win game. The developers have really taken the piss with a lot of the game mechanics making it extremely difficult to progress without spending money so keep that in mind.

Telltale signs that tell you this:

1) Event thresholds! To actually place in some of these will take hundreds of dollars. ie “level up your hero” t1 prize takes 5 level increases, t2 prize takes 10 level increases, t3 takes 12 level increases. This all has to be done in 2 hours!! Want this? better save up all your xp vials for a few months and smash em all out in 1 go!

2) The costs of research compared to your actual resource capacity. It gets to the point where you can generate around 2 million of a resource before you stop making it (hitting your capacity) but you actually need 60 million to start research, the other 58 million you’ve either got to get from guild members, loot from other players (painfully slow as your troops really can’t carry that much!), buy it with gold or buy packs.

If you are going to invest money be aware the costs go up quickly!
Your first pack will cost you $5, not a bad price and some of the deals are decent for this price. Every hour a “new limited one time” deal will be thrown in your face. These are not one time deals and they will rotate indefinitely so take your time. I’d recommend either the triple doubler which gives double resource production, double resource capacity and double loot gathering speed or go for the lifetime loyalty doubler. Loyalty points are the only way to buy a lot of good things (advanced teleports!) and loyalty does not come easily but we’ll get to that shortly!

Your second pack will cost you $20 and will be the same stuff you get offered in the $5 packs.
Your third pack and anything beyond will set you back $100 and offers the same deals as the previous packs. Might sound like a lot but you’ll have a few people in your realm purchasing 20+ of these each month. It’s a good idea to be friends with them! 😉

Im starting to touch on what the next post will be about so I’ll end this here. Next up though! Money, what to buy and tips on how you can save a small fortune!

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