Buying Xbox One games from foreign markets / regions

What is this? Whats the point?

The Xbox one is region free meaning we can get our games from anywhere and enjoy them on our US, UK, Japanese etc system. Digital games are released in a huge amount of regions but their prices very drastically. We can use this to our advantage and buy the game in whichever region we find to be the cheapest. Often this is usually Russia, Brazil or Colombia.

Sounds great What will I need

This depends on the method of purchase. You can go down one of two routes. Either

  1. A Card that allows forex/purchasing abroad – Your best bet here is a Revolut Card. They are free prepay card offering great exchange rates. Visit on your smart phone, use promo code MSE (thanks money savings expert!) when signing up and get a free £5 when topping up £10
  2. Or foreign gift cards which can be purchased from offgamers

We’ll explain both methods here as some countries can be difficult to use with the card method (Brazil in particular!)

Method 1 – The Credit Card Method

You’ll also need a vpn supplier for multiple countries: I highly recommend VyprVPN. They have apps for android/ios as well as your computer. They have free accounts which have a 500meg a month limit but for unlimited access you need to pay a fee, $100 a year or $15 a month. *EDIT* I’ve spoken with the chaps at golden frog who run the vpn service and they’re willing to offer our users a decent discount. You can either get 50% your first month with this link bringing the first month to $7.50 or use this link and get 40% off the annual price bringing it down to $60 (around £41) a year so only $5 (around £3.43) a month!

  1. Connect to you VPN for the country you desire
  2. Visit, login and select your country by clicking the bottom left link.
  3. In our example we shall select Russia aka Pоссия
  4. All the language on the page will now turn Russian. If your browser is chrome then you’ll be able to tell it to translate the page (or try to) back to English
  5. Find a game you want to buy. We will choose Ori and the blind forest at 419 Rubles (Less than £4, so more than £12 cheaper than on the uk market)
  6. Click to purchase and you’ll be asked to add a payment option. Heres the english version to compare to the forign version
  7. Put your name and revolut card details in the required boxes. For the address simply search on google for a hotel in Russia that you would like to stay at and input that address and phone number.
  8. You should now be able to purchase and the game will now appear in xbox one library
  9. You’ll only have to do this setup part once per country. Also when adding a new card/country a small amount will be charged to the card as a test. (usually less than a pound, this will be refunded back within 2 weeks though

Method 1 – The Gift Card Method

This method is easier but has a couple downsides in that you must purchase set amounts (ie $10, 100 rubles, £25 etc) and the prices for foreign gift cards are sometimes inflated, ie hmv digital sell a £10 gift card for £15

  1. We will use Killer Instinct Season 2 as our example game and we wish to purchase from Brazil
  2. Goto brazil section and buy enough credit
  3. Visit, login and select your country by clicking the bottom left link.
  4. Click on your avatar picture and the option second from bottom in the drop down will be redeem code
  5. Click the big green button and type in your 25 digit code where it will be added to your account
  6. Now go back to the game and select to purchase it, it will take the money from your balance
  7. Not that all credit is not shared between countries. Each region will have its own balance which you can check on the microsoft site

14 thoughts on “Buying Xbox One games from foreign markets / regions

  1. I just did this with Russian Currency, bought a gift card and everything went into my wallet just fine and now it won’t let me use the currency, it says it’s there but just asks me to add card details, I tried adding card details already and even that doesn’t work.

    1. Jordan, it’s maybe a stupid question but what did you try to buy? Some things can’t be bought with gift card balance (memberships I think, like Gold or EA Access) – that’s my only -more or less – helpful thought.

    2. Strange. When you click buy what happens? What error do you get when adding a card?
      Have you tried adding an address for that region?

  2. Just did this to buy Dark Souls 3 from Japan since it doesn’t come out for another 3 weeks in UK, It may have cost £4 more than amazon but worth it! Thanks for this!

  3. Just tried this myself for the first time and it worked great!

    I couldn’t get the Revolut card (they don’t do an app for my phone), but the Halifax Clarity credit card is also a good option if you can get it. It has good exchange rates and no load fees.

    Thanks for this site

  4. I was using the Revolut and VPN method fine for Russia and Argentina marketplaces but went to buy something from India yesterday and my purchase got blocked. Tried again with Russia and still blocked. Spoke to microsoft and they said because my account is GB I can’t purchase anything from any other stores. Anyone else having this problem?

    1. Having the same problem. Keeps asking me to try another method of purchase.

    2. Hi,
      I’ve been using the same card as you and got games from a few stores but it looks like once you used the store more then couple times from a different region then it gets blocked. I’m only now left with a couple store I’ve not used so I’ve started buying the pre paid Xbox credit instead.

  5. I bought some Brazil currency and when I go to buy the game from the Brazil store it wants me to pay with a credit card and enter an address even though I have enough credit.

    1. I have the same issue as Bob above with the Brazil store. Always wants a credit card even though I have more than enough Brazillian Currency on the account. Any thoughts?

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