£25 xbox live credit for £18.99 (plus a movie!)

I was in 2 minds whether or not to post this but thought whats the harm anyway.

Currently over at wuaki you can grab £25 Xbox live credit for £18.99 along with a digital copy of The Amazing Spider-man 2. Now i’m sure most people reading this blog are thinking “Why bother with English credit when I buy everything on other regions”

Well 2 reasons
That extra 24% discount on the xbox credit may actually make the uk version cheaper.
But the primary reason is for the 360 games. We are forced to buy these from our own locales. For those who do buy these games as deals come around you might as well grab a £25 code and save a few extra quid.

I suppose as a third reason is maybe your a huge fan of the amazing spiderman 2

Buy £25 xbox credit here for only £18.99

7 thoughts on “£25 xbox live credit for £18.99 (plus a movie!)

  1. Would be a good deal with a different movie as the Amazing Spiderman 2 film is rubbish.

    1. Oh yeah, its a terrible movie! Atleast it’s a £6.01 saving on the xbox credit though 🙂 Cheapest You can typically pick it up for from people who have extra lying around seems to be £20

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